Who are you? What is this blog about?

I’m an abolitionist vegan. I believe all sentient beings, whether they are human or non-human share a basic right to not be owned or treated as a property or resource. Animal products require that non-human animals are treated as property or resources. These products are not necessary for human health in modern societies and given this I believe that everyone who can live a vegan lifestyle is morally obligated to do so.

I use this blog to detail some of the worst arguments I have heard against the vegan position. I primarily do this through the medium of light hearted comics.

Who or what is a ‘Huygens’?

Christiaan Huygens was a 17th century Dutch mathematician and scientist well known for his observations of Saturn and for his discovery of Titan, Saturn’s moon. He is also well known for having enormous hair (see Bernard Vaillant’s portrait, below) and for deriving the formula for the period of an ideal mathematical pendulum – a formula which has been a thorn in the side of many a physics student for years since his death. He also published studies on optics and is particularly well known for his wave theory of light which he published in his Treatise on light. Huygens is well known for his work in physics and mathematics he is also well known for having the one of the most charmingly unpronounceable name in the history of science.

Christiaan Huygens giving it some serious blue steel.

Christiaan Huygens giving it some serious blue steel.

Paul Horowitz, a physicist who works at the SETI institute (Search for extra terrestrial intelligence) has bravely stepped into the breach and addressed the issue of how to pronounce Huygen’s name. He has also uploaded a recording of native Dutch speakers tackling the name here.

You can also watch Walter Lewin of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) fame tackling the issue of pronunciation in a lecture here.


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